Can Mold Exposure Lead to Health Problems?

posted on 03 Jul 2014 05:41 by weequalm7451

Quite a few people have probably heard about the problems mold can cause for a homeowner, without understanding exactly why it is such a problem. Mold is mostly unseen, unless the infestation gets bad, and few people know all of the health problems that mold can cause to our bodies. Sure, some people are allergic to mold, and they know all about how to deal with their allergies, but even beyond that is a condition called mold illness.

Mold illness can set in when endotoxins released from mold spores infect the human body. These endotoxins are carried through the air when the spores are disturbed. In other words, even if you have not been in physical contact with the mold, the spores (and the endotoxins they carry) can enter your body if they are disturbed and spread through the air.

Endotoxins are harmful microbes that our bodies cannot efficiently fight off, and they cause a variety of symptoms and problems for the human body. Mold illness, a subtype of a condition known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, is a very real threat to everybody, but especially to young children and the elderly, or anybody with a weakened immune system.

Mold illness attacks specific parts of the human body, causing the immune system to be weakened. For someone with an already weakened immune system, this can be life threatening, but it can lead to critical conditions for anybody. Mold illness can slowly, gradually weaken your immune system increasingly, causing you to slowly become sicker and manifest a greater number of symptoms.

How can you tell if you have mold illness?

Since mold illness affects the body in so many different ways, there is a multitude of symptoms to watch for. These symptoms can include a chronic cough, muscle aches, and joint stiffness. Mold illness can even affect your brain, causing headaches and memory problems, such as difficulty concentrating and remembering certain words. In some cases, prolonged mold illness can even cause learning difficulties, confusion or disorientation, and erratic mood swings.